Special Events

Cinderella had fireworks at her wedding. Let us help make your big day feel like a fairy tale.

Big Bang Boom can customize a wedding package to meet any budget or style. Fireworks are a fantastic way to finish off a magnificent day for any bride and groom, before the real fireworks start. The fireworks can be tailored to match your wedding colors and theme. Fireworks come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and styles. Whether it is pink peonys or blue violets, we can have the fireworks for you.

We also create fun and affordable “Fireworks Menus” that list the names of the products being fired off. The fireworks have fun names that can be dedicated to family or members of the wedding party. Big Bang Boom has electronic firing systems that allow the party goers to push the button, from a safe distance, when its time to set things off.

Come see our Wedding Day display, one of the store’s top rated fireworks. Great effects.

Other items of interests: party poppers, sky lanterns and confetti shooters.

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