Come see the original Excalibur display at Big Bang Boom Fireworks. King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone.

    Can you?

Artillery Shells

The must-have item to put on real big boy show – 200-ft-high, 100-plus-ft-spreads. Puts off a variety different beautiful colors and patterns.

  • Excalibur
    The number one selling shell of all time. A big time favorite for anyone who wants to produce a great show. 24 shells with 36 breaks. Lots of vivid beautiful colors.
    King Arthur
    Same Shells as Excalibur in a 12 shot set.
    Sir Lancelot
  • M.O.A.B - Mother of All Bombs
    Box O' Bombs
    AAH Fireworks' Top Selling 24 Pack. Box O' Bombs! Superb Effects - many say better than anything World Class has to offer. Up for a fireworks shell throw down?
    The Instigator
    The largest item in the store and on the website. Stands over 6 feet tall. 84 shells total. 16 double breaks. 12 triple breaks. 12 quad breaks. 10 tubes.

    Grand finale anyone?